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Here is the podcast for the April 3rd 2014 show

This show covered
Rand study on Financial Literacy 
Extension of open enrollment for Covered CA till 04/15/2014
Prevention tip for Medicare eligible s to prevent Identity Theft
and a number of great calls on a variety of topics including access to VA benefits.
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This is the podcast for the show 03/27
Wrapping up many questions about applying for health coverage on and off the California health exchanges.  

Since this aired, there has been an extension to allow those who had issue applying to enroll. If anyone needs assistance enrolling in Covered CA, or wants to discuss options off the exchange, call me before April 15th! (831) 423-8542

Obamacare or Obummercare

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This show had a number of great callers. The new rates had just come out for the exchnage hours before this show. A few callers provided info so we could see if it was going to be Obamacare or Obummercare for them

Obamacare Q & A "What is in it for you?"

Q & A

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This show started with the new rate updates and promptly went to a number of callers all looking to see what Obamacare had in store for them. The best part was that the callers seem to be from all walks of life, incomes, and needs. This might be one of my favorite shows ever.

Obamacare what is in it for you (part 2)

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Click to listen to the show that aired on 08/15/2013. The show starts with a quick review and goes into some of the actual plan designs and "state average" sort of rates. The final plans and rate are not yet released so again these are "average's" and I don't know about you, I don't know many average people

The new exchange Q&A on dependents and subsidies

Out-of-State Dependents

**Question**: I have 3 kids, the two older kids will live in another state for school. Do they have take that state's ACA-compliant Marketplace plan, or can they be on our Covered California family PPO plan? Is the dependent-through-age-25 rule only a consideration if the child is filed as dependent on taxes?

**Answer**: Your "children" between the ages of 19 and 26 can be included in your family plan (PPO) with Covered California even though they are out of state and/or are not claimed as dependents. However, that may not be your best option financially. Let's say that your older child attends school but has a low-income job and maintains a residence off-campus. He or she may qualify for Medicaid or highly subsidized exchange coverage individually.

If you need assistance with the new exchange plans, we will be in a position to help navigate you through the new maze of options.

More questions and answers on the Covered CA Health Exchange

Calculating Household Income with Older Dependents

**Question**: In regard to children staying on the parents plan until age 26, does this still apply to the exchange family plans? If so, would their income be part of the household income calculation then?

**Answer**: Covered California will include dependents between age 19 and 26 in family coverage. If they reside with the family over 50% of the year, their income will be included in the household total for premium assistance purposes. Total family premium is computed by adding their age-rated premiums onto the family premium of parent(s) and children under 19.

No Dependent Coverage

**Question**: My large employer does not offer dependent coverage. Can my wife and kids get coverage in the exchange with subsidies.

**Answer**: Employers with 50 or more employees are required to offer coverage to full-time employees and dependent children up to age 26. They are not required to offer coverage to spouses. So, if that is the case, your spouse could get Covered California and if your household income (MAGI) is under 400% FPL, she will be eligible for subsidized coverage. Your children on the other hand will not be eligible as they have access to employer-based coverage even if they are is not enrolled.

Will We be Able to Apply Off-Exchange at Any Time?

Question: I know the exchange has an open enrollment but will plans off the exchange have one too in 2014? If not, will the only penalty for late enrollment be on your tax return ($95 or 1percent of income) 
Answer: No. Individual and family enrollments off-exchange will be subject to the same enrollment requirements as the Covered California plans.

Obamacare: What is in it for you? (Part 1 of 2)

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Ahoy shipmates! We are sailing into uncharted waters. What is in the new health reform law for you. A non-judgemental review of what the law is and isn't. What has already occured, and what is coming for 2014. With the number of callers we didn't make it to the end so as they say......More later!

Covered California, info from the new health Exchange

California Health Exchange Fact Sheet

Here is some new information from the new health exchange in California. Please note that when you go to apply for coverage in the exchange you can go online and be the lone ranger, you can use a certified enrollment counselor, or a certified licensed agent. The costs of the plans are the same regardless of how you enroll.

Online: Enough said you will only see the options that meet the criteria you input and not all options.

Certified enrollment counselors: They can help with the forms but can make no recomendations on the health plans themselves. They can only show you options in the exchange.

Certified LIcensed Health Agents: Licensed agents are the only option to compare coverage you have, with options in the exchange and in private markets. Agents need to become certified in addition to their license requirements to offer the exchange plans. During the year you can come back to your agent for assistance as you need it.


Obamacare, what is in it for me?

This week I did a meeting with this title. I can't upload the power point presentation to this blog, but I can email it to you. I am going to go over this powerpoint on the radio show Thursday 08/08 so your life will be so much easier if you have the notes. Email with your request.

Attached is a new brochure that I have in print now. This also has come great basic infomation that you may find useful. Feel free to share this info freely.Brochure cover Page 1-2 Page 3-4 Final page

Remember that we purchase health insurance not get healthy. It is a financial tool to cover costs we could not possible absorb or pay for.

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